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International OKA

As a student organisation we are always on the look for new ways to improve our international strategy. Since the autumn of 2013 we have been tutoring international students. Since new international students are assigned to the school of education and not into a specific student organisation, we co-operate with other student organisations and take care of our tutees together.

Other student organisations in the Faculty of Education and Culture:

Mentor ry (life long learning and education)
ITU ry (pre-school teachers)
Tamaus ry (subject teachers)

What is “OKA” and what does it do?

OKA ry is a registered student organization in the Faculty of Education in the University of Tampere. As an organization we are the oldest in our university. Our roots are in the city of Hämeenlinna, where we were founded in 1919. In 2012 we moved to Tampere. Since the beginning, we have been a very active organization that has offered support for students in various occasions during the years in Hämeenlinna and nowadays in Tampere. Our work includes several tasks from student trusteeship to student parties, sport activities, social happenings etc. OKA is directed by the board of OKA which is elected every year in the autumn semester. Every member of OKA has a chance to have an effect on our actions. We are always interested in hearing new ideas on how to make our organization even better than it already is.

Want to know what the members of the board of OKA look like and who does what? Check “Hallitus” – and especially our “kansanvälisyysvastaava”, if you have any specific questions, concerns, or feedback! E-mail: international(at)

So, what do you get as a member of OKA? You…

  • assure your place as a teacher student and become a part of our own student community
  • get to participate in our events during every semester
  • become a member of Kipinä, our sport and culture club and can also participate in the happenings of Klapi, our faculty's environmental club
  • get plenty of information about your studies, your future views as a teacher and a master of education and ways to develop as a professional
  • meet new awesome people!

Join us and become a part of our community!

You can contact us all by email: hallitus(at) or international(at)